PSRemoting to Local 8.1 Hyper-v VM

I’m reading Don’s new book Learn SQL Server Administration in a Month of Lunches and i set up my test VM. I’m running windows 8.1 and have hyper-v role installed. The vm is Server 2012r2. my laptop is not joined to any domain its on a work group. i would like to enter-psssession on my test vm that I am using while reading the book to simulate the type of management ill ultimately be doing.

Is there any way to PSremote into my VM from my local non-domain work group laptop?

First, SQL Server isn’t really all that “manageable” via Remoting, because it isn’t terribly well instrumented for PowerShell. If you’re following the book, you won’t find any PowerShell. You’re better off installing the SQL Server Management Studio on your Win8.1 machine, and having it connect to the VM. So long as you provide correct logon credentials for SQL Server, that’ll work and it doesn’t use Remoting.

Second, check out one of the free ebooks here (under Resources on the menu), “Secrets of PowerShell Remoting.” Non-domain Remoting can be complicated, but the book covers it.

ok thank you Don