I need help (Remote connecting)

I just began reading and learning Powershell, but i have this issue which has been nagging me for 2 days now - I need to connect to my server.

Server: A simple Windows 2012 server This server is up via VirtuelBox.
Computer: A Windows 8 (NOT pro)
Now, Can someone, please <3 - Tell me, step by step, in a manner that a child of 5 can understand, How i connect to my VM-server. (This is all run locally, for now)

If u need any more info, don’t hesitate to ask. and, Thanks, a Whole bunch.

Before answering this, I thought it would be worth pointing out that there are two free guides for PowerShell Remoting. One is here: https://powershell.org/newsletter/ (see the Free eBooks section at the top). The other can be found by searching for “administrator’s guide to powershell remoting” in Google. You should read through these first to see if they provide the answers you seek because they are quite good.