PS Command version comparison

Does anyone know if there is a site out there with command version comparisons? I found this, but it only goes back to 5.1, I need 3 and 2. Dont ask why please.

Thanks in advance.

Version 2? … really? :wink: Don’t do that to yourself! :smirk:

At least for version 3.0 there’s still something online:

Thanks Olaf. Sadly, we have no choice, still maintaining legacy XP systems (airgapped).

OK, so at least install version 3! :wink:

I think the best option would be to compare only the cmdlets you need. We can do it together and log it somewhere.

All things google indicate it cant be done not to mention the installer is an MSU and not supported on XP. Can you advise how to get this done? Thanks Olaf. When I tried this some time back, it failed.

To be honest - I never tried. I’m lucky enough not to have to think about Windows XP anymore for a long time.
I’m sorry. :flushed:

Thanks for the reply kvprasoon :slight_smile: To provide more detail, I have a large script that runs on all Windows versions aside from XP. I have been asked to get this working on XP, and have been using

 "get-command *watever*" 

to see if the command exists on XP. Kind of klunky. I was hoping to find a comparison matrix like the link I provided that would include older PS versions.

To make matters worse, there is a bug in the Windows Remote Desktop app when RDP’d to an XP VM where you cant use copy/paste as it kills the RDP app hard and you have re-start the RDP app.

I will just march forward using Get-Command … I dont think it is worth the effort to come up with a custom solution as I really have most of the porting done already.