PS behavior difference?

I recently upgraded my work PC to win 10, and I have noticed a difference in behavior and am looking for a possible solution.

I had a quick script I would run in the morning to map some drives using new-psdrive. On windows 8 those drive mappings would show up in Windows explorer, x,y,z… but when I run the same script on Win 10 they do not show up in File Explorer, also, they do show when I do a net use, but without the drive labels.

It’s just a simple :

new-psdrive -PSProvider FileSystem -Name z -Root \server\share

Just curious as to the difference in behavior between win 8.1 and win 10 and if there is a way to get the same result from windows 8.1 without using net use…?

unfortunately I can’t delete the post, but I found my own answer.

-Persist gives me what I want, I originally had it in the script, but it was not working when I upgraded to win 10, maybe it was the location of the parm…