New-Psdrive does not map a network drive

I am using below to commands to map a network drive, they get created in powershell session but they are not found in file explorer. I have gone through the documentation of new-psdrive so many times, not sure what I am doing wrong.


New-PSDrive -Name V -PSProvider FileSystem -Root ‘\\US’ -Persist -Scope ‘global’


New-PSDrive -Name W -PSProvider FileSystem -Root ‘\\US’ -Persist

Hi Mallik,

I don’t see any issues with this command, I believe your company group policies are enforcing.

Thank you.

This can happen if you’re running the commands in PowerShell under a different user context than what is being used to open File Explorer.

Is the same user account being used for the entire process? Are you running this locally or in a remote session?