Problem with RegistrationKey

I’m trying to use RegistrationKey in an LCM configuration for the first time.

I generated a GUID and put it in C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\DscService\RegistrationKeys.txt on my HTTPS pull server running WMF 5.0. I used the same GUID as the value for RegistrationKey in the ConfigurationRepositoryWeb section of my meta-configuration. I ran the configuration with no errors. I confirmed that the GUID is in the .meta.mof file.

When I run Set-DSCLocalConfigurationManager, I get an error that says, “Registration of the Dsc Agent with the server failed” and “Failed to register Dsc Agent with AgentId …”

I confirmed the values in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\PSDSCPullServer\web.config on the pull server as described at the end of these articles:

What am I missing?

Hey mate,

I made a video recently discussing this topic and how to use it. Let me know if you have any questions.

If you’re using URLScan on your IIS, make sure in the AllowVerbs section, you have PUT as one of the allowed verbs.

Hi Jim,

Were you ever able to work this out? I am getting the same error. I had originally built the DSC pull server with WMF4 installed. I saw a few posts saying they had to delete the website. I updated to the latest version of WMF5 and the xPSDesiredStateConfigurationModule. I then recreated the website and the web.config definately has the line:

add key=“RegistrationKeyPath” value=“C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\DscService”

I am kind of lost right now.

See - anyone getting the same thing with this problem?

I fixed this by rebuilding my pull server with the GUI.

I’d like to go back to Server Core when this gets fixed.

We’ve kind of confirmed that pull servers on anything other than full GUI are a problem. I’ve no idea what to expect in terms of a fix timeframe, though.