Hi all,

Am looking for powershell script for the thing which i am doing manually

  1. Take RDP of remote machine REMO with username and password

2)open winscp on and select sftp option give details of ftp server with username & password, and Also mentioning IP

example: username: computer1 password:123456

  1. start back up between REMO machine & FTP server

4)Go to E Drive of REMO & start the Backup take latest copy of Backup from REMO to ftp Server.

Want to do this work using BITS

I want script in powershell please anyone help me out and also want to get alert if it successful, if fails automatically it should it again, pls help me

Thanks in advance

Nobody is going to be able to write a script for you, but if you have a question about something g specific we’re happy to try and answer.