System State Backups

by Beach Boy at 2012-09-20 12:12:19

Would anyone have a script that they use, that they wouldn’t mind sharing, for doing system state backups accross multiple Windows Server OS types?

Thank you.
by poshoholic at 2012-09-21 07:39:30
Something like this?

If you do some searching for wbadmin PowerShell, you’ll find more blogs out there talking about this.
by Beach Boy at 2012-09-21 09:10:01
I understand that windows 2008 uses wbadmin, windows 2008 r2 has wbadmin (powershell) and Windows 2003 has an NT SS backup method. Can Powershell be written to handel all with IF Else statements?
by poshoholic at 2012-09-21 18:43:50
I can’t say for certain because I haven’t done it myself, but I would answer “probably”. PowerShell is very flexible. You could use WMI or CIM to identify the OS of the target system, leveraging the Win32_OperatingSystem class. You could use WMI to start a process on the remote system, or PowerShell remoting to invoke the commands you want to invoke on the remote server according to the OS. Those are just some possibilities, there are likely a few more. I don’t have a script that can help you with that though. What you might do is try to find the different pieces and see if you can start putting it together. For example, I found the link above by simply searching for “wbadmin PowerShell” in Google. You could search for “2003 Backup PowerShell”, or “PowerShell Win32_OperatingSystem” to see how that works. Then come back with questions as you run into problems or when you can’t figure something out and someone will probably be able to help.