Powershell Script help : Windows events to Query and export

by hunboy at 2012-11-06 19:01:53

I have below powershell script for windows events to query, trying to write this script to get the Compueter name, Event ID, Source and description info to excel.

Looking for help to finish this script. This script to run on list of computers also.

$servers = get-content “c:\list.txt”
foreach ($server in $servers)
Get-EventLog -LogName APPLICATION |Source "ACECLIENT" AND Where-Object { $.EventID -eq 1001 } # I am not sure how to include here description "looking for ‘File not found: C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\SDCONFIG.’"
by hunboy at 2012-11-06 23:18:22
I have done small changes to get the last five days events only but the script not showing any results… Can any one help me here… pls…

[code2=powershell]$servers = get-content “C:\list.txt”
$fromtime = (get-date).Adddays(-5)
get-eventlog -log Application -comp $servers | where {$
.source -eq "Defrag" -AND $.EventID -eq 258 -and $.message -like "The disk defragmenter successfully" -AND $.TimeGenerated -EQ $FROMTIME } | Export-Csv $OututPath -NoTypeInformation

# The Problem is I want to get the events for only last 5 days, When i added "-AND $
.TimeGenerated -EQ $FROMTIME" the output is not comming it is taking lot of time but not results. I think some logic problem… Can any one help me here…[/code2]
by Klaas at 2012-11-07 00:42:39
Have you tried building up your script step by step; get the eventlog from one computer, output to the screen,… and see which steps work and which doesn’t?

Also, try to filter as soon as you can. The get-eventlog has a -source and a -after parameter, so it’s probably better to use those instead of piping all events and then filtering them with the Where-Object. There even is a -message parameter.
The source on my system is called 'Microsoft-Window-Defrag"
Get-Eventlog -ComputerName MyPC -Logname Application -After $fromtime -Source "microsoft-windows-defrag"
Do you get any output from that?

I also think your $Oututpath needs a colon : "C]\OUTPUT.csv"