PowerShell Script Explorer

In this video, this lady talks about PowerShell Script Explorer.

Trying to download from microsoft site but can’t seem to find. I did find this link https://scriptexplorer.codeplex.com/ and has a link to download http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=246229 but the link is dead.

Anybody know where i can find this download?


They discontinued that, I think.

Don is correct. Here’s a blog: “Microsoft Script Explorer: Next Steps” where it was stated that “we’ve decided not to bring the Script Explorer project to RTM”.

Something that’s similar that you may want to check out is the recently released Script Browser add-in for the ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment).

Thanks, Mike - I couldn’t find that darn thing.

Thanks Mike and Don!

For anyone that is interested here is the link for the Script Browser & Script Analyzer 1.1 add-in for the ISE