Powershell remoting between 2 Laptops

Hello everyone,
I’m breaking my head over this…

I have a laptop with Windows 10 and Powershell 5.1 from this laptop I want to be able to remotely controll (and eventually use DSC) on a few other laptops in my workspace here, all Windows 10 with Powershell 5.1, though they are part of a Linux Samba DC, but I’m trying to connect to the local accounts. Which are logged in right now.

I did Enable-PSRemoting -Force
changed the TrustedHosts to “*”
And that worked.
Test-WSMan -Compuetername Laptop1625
Returns info what I presume the right info.

Now when I’m trying to invoke a command or try to start a PSSession it says Access Denied.
Even with the right Credentials and such… What am I doing wrong…

I hope anyone can help. I’m sorry it’s a mess of an explanation… But It’s hard for me to explain it well and understand the whole Powershell stuff.

Thanks in advance!

You’re likely not asserting an account that the remote run space can use. Have you read “Secrets of PowerShell Remoting?” It’s free on our ebooks Page. Outside of an AD domain it can be tricky.