Powershell read csv file and issue Active Directory command with row variable

I need my powershell script to read a CSV file that has the domain name and Active Directory group. (memberof)
The csv file would have these rows maybe up to 100 domain names of companies:
Domain Group
acme , traders
boeing. , engineers

I want the powershell script to read each line and issue the command based on this line
Get-ADUser -filter “mail -like ‘@acme’” | ForEach-Object {Add-ADGroupMember -Identity ‘traders’ -Members $_ }
Get-ADUser -filter “mail -like ‘@boeing’” | ForEach-Object {Add-ADGroupMember -Identity ‘engineers’ -Members $_ }
So i need the script to loop through each line in CSV and insert the variable in the line like a DOS bat script variable &

Get-ADUser -filter “mail -like ‘&Domain’” | ForEach-Object {Add-ADGroupMember -Identity ‘&Group’ -Members $_ }
Any example?

Look at Import-CSV and ForEach-Object