PowerShell Newbie

I am new to working with PowerShell. My job has requested I start learning how to use it (I am currently working as a site support tech). As of now I have gone through the basic PowerShell introduction video Microsoft put out in 2012. I can look at a script and get an idea of what is going on, but understanding everything seems kind of daunting. So what I would like to ask is, what are some of the videos, books or tools have helped you the most?

As of now I have been given the task of creating a script that generates a report of all disabled users in AD, and the date they were added. I will need to get this exported as a data file as well.

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In my opinion the best of learning PowerShell is learning by doing. Most of the time you’re not the very first with a given task. So it should be easy to find examples for the tasks you want to accomplish. Search the internet for inspiration and use it to create you own solutions.

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Practice, practice, practice.

Or you can try, find out how to help: PowerShell Help - PowerShell Forums
Lots of questions you can solve by using and improving google search skills :slight_smile: