PowerShell ISE Autosave recovery view in ISE

I always find articles giving the path to little know secrets like how to get the autosaves from PowerShell ISE, but for some reason, they don’t just take one more second and put in the code so you can easily look at these things for your self.

Here is an easy way to pull up the autosaved files in PowerShell ISE.

$localExtPath = 'Local\Microsoft_Corporation\PowerShell_ISE.exe_StrongName_lw2v2vm3wmtzzpebq33gybmeoxukb04w\\AutoSaveFiles'
$isePath = $($env:APPDATA.TrimEnd("Roaming") + $localExtPath)

(Get-ChildItem $isePath).FullName | Where{$_} |
   psEdit $_