PowerShell Inline Parameters to Azure Parameter File (JSON)


I’m trying to pass parameters to an existing Azure template parameter file (JSON). The files are located on a storage container in Azure. For testing purposes, I’m starting off with only two parameters: location and vmName.

Here is the code I’m working with:

$location = "eastus"
$vmName = "tst-win-sqlpoc"

New-AzResourceGroupDeployment -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroup -Name win2016Deployment `
-TemplateUri "https://storage.blob.core.windows.net/templates/createWin2016VM.json" `
-TemplateParameterUri "https://storage.blob.core.windows.net/templates/createWin2016Parameters.json" `
-location $location -virtualMachineName $vmName

However, it’s not detecting the values I supplied and continues using the values already in the file:

-location : The term '-location' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or 
if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.
At line:8 char:5
+ -location $location -virtualMachineName $vmName
+ ~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (-location:String) [], CommandNotFoundException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException

Any help would be great?!




Hi Frank,

Looking at the New-AzResourceGroupDeployment Cmdlet, it does not look like there are parameters for -Location or -VirtualMachineName or maybe I am misunderstanding your question.

Also, try to avoid using back ticks, use splatting instead.

$Params = @{
    ResourceGroupName = $resourceGroup
    Name = "win2016Deployment"
    TemplateUri = "https://storage.blob.core.windows.net/templates/createWin2016VM.json"
    TemplateParameterUri = "https://storage.blob.core.windows.net/templates/createWin2016Parameters.json"

New-AzResourceGroupDeployment @Params


Hi pwshliquori,

Thanks for the feedback and recommendation about splatting! I changed the code to use splatting as follows:
$params = @{
ResourceGroupName = “rg-name-poc”;
Name = “win2016Deployment”;
TemplateUri = “https://azure.blob.core.windows.net/templates/createWin2016VM.json”;
TemplateParameterUri = “https://azure.blob.core.windows.net/templates/createWin2016Parameters.json”;

New-AzResourceGroupDeployment @params
However, I’d like to edit the parameter file that Azure uses to build the Windows 2016 Server VM. Some of the JSON parameter contents include:


How do I pass values to these parameters?


Take a look here. It looks like Microsoft has an example using the az cli to update a resource using the parameters you provided.


I am not sure if there is a Cmdlet in the Az PowerShell module to do the same thing. These are the Cmdlets available for the Az PowerShell module as it pertains to resource group deployments.

Get-Command -Noun AzResourceGroupDeployment

CommandType     Name                                               Version    Source
-----------     ----                                               -------    ------
Cmdlet          Get-AzResourceGroupDeployment                      1.2.1      Az.Resources
Cmdlet          New-AzResourceGroupDeployment                      1.2.1      Az.Resources
Cmdlet          Remove-AzResourceGroupDeployment                   1.2.1      Az.Resources
Cmdlet          Stop-AzResourceGroupDeployment                     1.2.1      Az.Resources
Cmdlet          Test-AzResourceGroupDeployment                     1.2.1      Az.Resources


Doesn’t appear to be. Thx for your help!