Powershell Basic

i want to copy a file in specific folders
the folder name can chance due to different versions of the software.

in every of this Folders org.xmind.ui.resources_*
i want my file to be copied.
Ist there an easy way to make this possible
Thanks in advance.

basically i want him to check if there is folders with this name and then copy my file into them
but not only into them
my file need to be in a subfolder

so powershell should check for folders with that name to then copy my file into the template subfolder of those he found.


You can use this script to check the folder and overwrite the existing file if present.

$sourcefile = 'c:\test\file.txt'
$destinationroot = Get-ChildItem -Path c:\org.xmind.ui.resources_* -Directory

If (Test-Path -Path $destinationroot) 
	$destinationfolder = "$destinationroot\templates\myfile"

	Copy-Item -Path $sourcefile -Destination $destinationfolder -Force

good luck,