PowerShell Await Module 0.8

Does anyone have any experience working with the PowerShell Await module?

For the most part it works like a champ but every so often it will throw the following error:

The only way I have found to to clear the error is to reboot the machine which isn’t ideal. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I would have advised contacting the author, however I notice that this module hasn’t been updated since 31/10/2014 so that may not go very far.

A little more info. The awaitdriver can’t have multiple instances, it is designed to terminate if you try. Are you sure that there are no deteched processes running? This would prevent the await module from working untill these are terminated (a restart would do this)

If this isn’t the case then you have a choice:-

  1. Download the C# source code and try to debug it yourself
  2. Restart your computer when this fault occurs

I’m sorry if that’s not much help