Powershell and xml data

hello i’m writing a script for powershell that should automaticly use data out of an xml file to change the ip’s of my wan and lan adapter, how do i do this?

Hi welcome to the forum. The intent here is for community members to help you where you’re stuck, but you have to put some effort in on your end and just like math class; show your work.
Generally speaking you can do this in a Powershell window to see all the cmdlets available related to XML:

Get-Command *xml*

Past that you’ll probably want to look at Get-NetIpAddress and Set-NetIpAddress

Once you have some code you’re working on, if you get stuck, you’re welcome ask for help here. If you just want someone else to write the whole thing for you that’s a different site. Maybe try ChatGPT to get you started.

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yeah i got it by using a path import etc, then setting it to a variable and using the variable in set-netipaddress etc. thank you for the reaction !