Power shell Training for Beginners

Hi there Every body !

Actually, I am new to power shell , and I am looking for a good power shell for Exchange2016 training for starters . Meanwhile, I strongly believe that one can only learn behind the wheel in other words I ma looking for some interactive training with some hands on exercises since I can not practice on production servers .

Many Thanks in Advance

Recommend you learn the fundamentals of Powershell first and then work on Exchange. Once you understand the basics, you can expand that into specific toolsets like Active Directory and Exchange. Month of Lunches is a great place to start. Once you understand the base concepts, you can import the Exchange module and look at the examples with Get-Help or online:

My .02…which my entire 401k at this point. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Rob


My other concern is in case I want to practice is there any alternative testing environment where I can run these commands with out having any affect on the production environment .???

The ‘… in a month of lunches’ do it for me as far as basic understanding and getting to know the shell. I also did some practical stuff which led me to pick up the book. A lot of what I already did in real life was in the book so it’s very practical.

As for testing, you will have to set something up yourself (with virtual machines) or you take a classical/online course. The last Office365 course I did came up with 6 months access to a testing environment.


Another two sources for beginners are this:


and this:


And BTW: It’s Powershell not power shell :wink: