PlatyPS -withModulePage

When creating PlatyPS help for existing modules with rich help, most of the work gets done by running:

New-MarkdownHelp -Module AxCredentialVault -OutputFolder .\Docs\ -WithModulePage

The [MyModule].md si the module page containing links to all the functions in the moduel.

I’m a really lazy one and I would like to just reference the description of the module functions instead of having to copy the description from the individual functions md files to the main md file.

Is there a way to put a reference to the descritption here:
{{Manually Enter Get-MyThingy Description Here}}

In theory, I suppose, but you’d probably have to mangle with PlatyPS itself to get that done. It might be worth opening an issue on their repo and seeing if this is something they’d be open to, and then offering a PR to kind of formalize what you’re suggesting into code.