PlatyPS in Azure Pipeline (Hosted)

Has anyone used PlatyPS (or a similar tool) to generate external markdown help for PowerShell modules?


I’m currently using Azure DevOps to host in-house modules for my organization. I’m working on documentation standards, and would love something similar to how Microsoft does it’s PowerShell documentation. Enter PlatyPS…

So, from what I’ve tested I have 2 options:

  1. Use an on-premise build server with the PlatyPS module installed, which would require a download of the repo, build and upload back to Azure.
  2. Copy the PlatyPS module into my repo and call it locally in a hosted instance.
Just curious how everyone else does their documentation, and some tips/suggestions from other industry professionals.

I use PlatyPS at work. But its not via a build server. I use it to create help docs for the cmdlets I write. I didn’t find a reason to use this in a build pipeline.