Physical memory check property in Get-Process

Hi All,

I need help in finding the physical memory usage property in Get-Process cmdlet. I have read searched on google and found that WS(K) is used to find usage for physical memory. I am referring to ‘Memory’ tab on Task Manager. I have tried WS(K) but found different usage in task manager and in powershell property for WS(K). Please confirm what is the exact properly to check physical RAM usage. Or am I doing something wrong?

Please let me know if you need any further information.


PS C:\Windows> get-process | get-member |? Name -like '*memory*'

   TypeName: System.Diagnostics.Process

Name                       MemberType Definition
----                       ---------- ----------
NonpagedSystemMemorySize   Property   int NonpagedSystemMemorySize {get;}
NonpagedSystemMemorySize64 Property   long NonpagedSystemMemorySize64 {get;}
PagedMemorySize            Property   int PagedMemorySize {get;}
PagedMemorySize64          Property   long PagedMemorySize64 {get;}
PagedSystemMemorySize      Property   int PagedSystemMemorySize {get;}
PagedSystemMemorySize64    Property   long PagedSystemMemorySize64 {get;}
PeakPagedMemorySize        Property   int PeakPagedMemorySize {get;}
PeakPagedMemorySize64      Property   long PeakPagedMemorySize64 {get;}
PeakVirtualMemorySize      Property   int PeakVirtualMemorySize {get;}
PeakVirtualMemorySize64    Property   long PeakVirtualMemorySize64 {get;}
PrivateMemorySize          Property   int PrivateMemorySize {get;}
PrivateMemorySize64        Property   long PrivateMemorySize64 {get;}
VirtualMemorySize          Property   int VirtualMemorySize {get;}
VirtualMemorySize64        Property   long VirtualMemorySize64 {get;}

These are the memory properties you have to pick from. I couldn’t tell you for sure which is the “physical” ram usage, and honestly that metric may not even be particularly useful. Do note that they will be in bytes, unlike workingset which is a calculated property. Divide them by 1kb to get the same numbers you’d expect to see in Task Manager. I’m not sure which metric Task Manager uses by default.

Hi Joel,

Thanks for providing this information however I am already aware of this information. I am asking this because on daily basis, we get the alert as “‘Servername’ - Available Megabytes of Memory is too low”. Usually I check the server manually and it shows which process is consuming the most of the memory (Again I am referring to ‘Memory’ tab on Task Manager). But I want to check it from PS, I can convert the bytes in MB. Or could you tell me any other alternate to check memory usage from PS that refers to ‘Memory’ tab in task manager.

The Windows Task manager is a live feed, it’s like running your script in a loop checking memory every couple seconds, which fluctuates based on what the system is doing. The script is static, basically getting a snapshot of when it runs one time. The Get-Process or WMI Win32_Process will provide you the current memory statistics when the script is executed, but it is unlikely that it will match the Task Manager or Perfmon unless the system is idle.