Pester tests status badge for github

I want to add one of those nice badges that show the status of your project’s tests to my Powershell module project (

I’m thinking of something like the ones AppVeyor provides (

I know these work for .Net solutions with testing projects on them, but i was wondering if there was a way to integrate this with pester. Maybe sending the tests log file somewhere and then have one of these services (travis CI, Appveyor) read the results, like i do on my CI build on TeamCity (

Any ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

Dave Wyatt’s in the process of setting up a CI service around TeamCity; I’ll ask him to take a look at how this might be done when he gets to that point. I’m sure he’ll have ideas.

Interesting! any place i can read about that, or should i bother Dave over Twitter?

Hi there!

If it helps, I wrote a quick series on using GitHub, Pester, and AppVeyor together - see the links in this section.

Matt Hodgkins wrote some nice posts on using Jenkins - it would take some work, but there are GitHub plugins for this; if you go this route, would love to see a follow-up post : )

Will be looking forward to the PowerShell CI service! Sounds cool.