Pester Infrastructure Test

I am learning Pester and now I am experimenting the Infrastructure tests
What should I test in my new deployment?
What do you test in yours?
Here is my list for now:
Check if all agents/software are installed.
Check if Computer is added to correct OU
Check if the Computer Security group is created in AD
Check if it was added to the Patching cycle.
Check if it was Patched
Check if the correct Local Administrators are present
Check if the Features were enabled.
Check if it was added to CMDB
Check if is being monitored
Check the TimeZone
Check if the GPOs are applied


I think you need to start with these links

But, anyway, a set of items you need to test is unique for every environment.
At my company we don’t have a formalized list of tests, but maybe one day we will have it.
I also suggest you to create a GitHub repo for the tests.