Integration Testing Scripts / DSC Modules


I’m using Powershell DSC in a Gitlab CI Pipeline to deploy On premise Windows machines like Exchange Servers, Active Directory.
At the end of the pipeline I perform some pester integration/Functionnal tests remotely using Nodes defined in Configuration Data file.
At this moment I limit myself in testing Windows Service Status.

I would like to go further and check that each settings that has been set in my DSC script is correctly set on the target node (Example: DAG configuration, replication configuration, etc)

Are there any prepackaged Pester Scripts to avoid creating what already exists?
Does “Integration Test Scripts” Folder contained in xExchange or ActiveDirectoryDSC Module could help me? How should I use them?

Maybe my need is Almost Functionnal Testing rather than Integration TEsting.


IMO, rather than checking the settings separately, why wouldn’t you depend on Get-DscConfigurationStatus.
Look at DSCEA, something not much used, but somewhat good to get a UI for configuration state.