Partial configuration - pull server

Hello all.
I have a big issue that I cant solve, need help!

Im using partial configuration to configure 3 servers. The problem is mof file name. In Microsoft documentation ( says:
“If you are pulling more than one partial configuration from a pull server, the configuration document can be named (…) …mof, where ConfigurationName is the name of the partial configuration, and NodeName is the name of the target node.”

I’m trying …mof and it returns the warning “WARNING: [DSC-3]: Executing Get-Action on partial configuration ‘PreStagging’ Failed. Please ensure the parital configuration and its checksum exist on the server. Check the DSC event logs for further details.”
But when I use .mof it works well, the problem whit it is that I have 3 servers, I cant have 3 files with the same name, it needs have Nodename for the correct configuration.

Someone have the same problem?

I'd recommend to stay away from Partial Configurations, the reasons have been discussed in the forum, and here's a good source of info for one of the reasons why: