parsing a file to give a folder location, copying to BLOB Storage

I have a file path and filename like H:\CRMFax\Letters\Anthem\AnthemAutomatedApprovalLetters\Urgent\2018\20181101\485M91977_A20181012122472_AuthApproval_Anthem_Urgent_20181101_1311.pdf. As I loop thru various directories and subdirectories I need to look at the .pdf files, I need to grab the authorization number A20181012122472. Then that A20181012122472 number will become my BLOB storage folder. Which I then need to copy from the folder location above to the new BLOB Storage Location like {Blob Container}\Authorizations\2018<filename>. I get the 2018 from the Auth No. in the filename 485M91977_A20181012122472_AuthApproval_Anthem_Urgent_20181101_1311.pdf. Brand new to PowerShell so this is a daunting task. Then I need to automate this process to run nightly thru task scheduler or something.

I think, you already have the steps in your question, its a matter of converting those to PowerShell. ?Since you are very new here, it will be very difficult to make you understand the terminologies and the techniques even in basics. So I would suggest you to go through few videos which walks through pure basics. Then you can start putting things together. Post the code here for any doubts you have once started, you will definitely get help here.

What code have you written so far?