powershell move files based on csv contents

Hi All and thanks for helping!

I have produced a set of PDF files which are all saved in


Each of these files has a naming convention in the following way


(the xxx stands for the brand)
the yyy stands for account type)

What I need to do is move these PDF’s into one of two directories based on criteria within a CSV, excel or text file.

I will perform the logic of where the files should be sent within this file and within column D provide the file location to which I want to move the PDF.

Please see the attached spreadsheet to further clarify this point.

Basically… If the PDF naming convention contains the account number in column A, I need to move the file to the location specified in column D.

I have looked at as many different solutions as possible and the closed I could find was
Link to poss solution

Anyone have any ideas how this may be achieved?



Something along these lines should work:

$moveTargets = @{}

$csvFile = '.\ClientDataSort.csv'
$sourceFolder = 'L:\ClientSort'

foreach ($record in Import-Csv -Path $csvFile)
    $moveTargets[$record.AccountRef] = $record.FileSortLocation

Get-ChildItem -Path $sourceFolder |
ForEach-Object {
    $pdfFile = $_
    if ($pdfFile.Name -match '^[^_]*_([^_]*)_[^_]*\.pdf$')
        $accountRef = $matches[1]
        $target = $moveTargets[$accountRef]

        if ($target)
            Move-Item -Path $pdfFile.FullName -Destination $target

Thank you so much, I am going to have a try with this… I am starting out with powershell and it’s coding convention is baffling me so far. I am sure it will get easier!

I had used some of this coding in my build so far, reassuring it’s on the right path!

I’ll let you know how I get on…



Spot on… Thanks so much!