Outlook Cmdlets

I finally broke down and started to use powershell. I am looking to install outlook cmdlets on a local computer. Our Exchange server is hosted via another company and I do not have access to all the functionality of Exchange.
Is there a way to get Powershell cmdlets installed on a local computer?

Thank you in advance

So, there are no “Outlook cmdlets,” but the Exchange cmdlets install along with the exchange management tools, or you can use them through Remoting into the server. However, the exchange cmdlets may not be functional when used against a hosted server. Your hosting company is supposed to provide the cmdlet access they allow.

There are no cmdlets to administer Outlook or any other Office product.

Assuming you want the Exchange administration cmdlets you have two choices.

First you could install the Exchange administration tools on your local machine.

Secondly you could use remoting to connect to the Exchange server and access the cmdlets by importing the session. This is documented

for Exchange 2010 and 2013 respectively

Thank you for both responses. I created powershell scripts to grap computer names, usernames and I need to export their calendars, tasks before I do a migration. Not looking for someone to write my code but need ideas of how to export them.

Thank you