Open Source Contributions

I have convinced my company to allow me to push many of my DSC Custom Resources into the open source world. We have a GitHub account so would you guys just suggest putting our resources there? What’s the best way to get the word out once I upload some of our custom resources to GitHub.

A few examples are

  1. A Windows Service Installer\Upgrader from a file share
  2. A RabbitMQ Installer\Upgrader with some minor configuration
  3. An SSIS package installer\upgrader
  4. An SSAS cube installer\upgrader


Microsoft uses GitHub ( so I’d certainly recommend it. In terms of getting the word out, why not write up an article for, and we can help you promote them?

Don Jones you rock :).

Also, consider using PowerShell Gallery. Anyone who installs WMF5 or PowerShellGet will find your modules when they “find-module” that way which is pretty cool.