Online Help 404 Error

Forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere. I spent some time googling this as well as searching these forums. I found a bug report related to PowerShell 5.1 but the bug report was closed/resolved.

I’m reading through Windows Powershell in Action (Third Edition) (amazing book, by the way). In the first chapter it compares the results of:

Get-Help Get-ChildItem


Get-Help Get-ChildItem -Online

However, when I attempt the online version, I’m taken to a 404 error message. More specifically, I go here, which oddly appears to be a PowerShell 4.0 Web page.

I’ve updated help, and nothing seems to change that the online version doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance!

Yeah that will need to be filed with Microsoft, most likely a error in the help file pointing to a wrong url. Not sure who looks after these, these days. Best place would be github.

As we all know, links get broken, renamed, moved, etc. There is little folks in forums can do other that suggest you report it to the authority, MS in that case.

This is not the first time or the last time one will not get the expected results. This sort of thing happens even when you run Update-Help -Force in PoSH and you get all these red errors.

Either way, you can always go to directly to the source.

Or in you case…

Never rely on a single source for assistance, even if it is from the vendor. There are always some issues, fixes, workarounds that others can provide until docs get updated / corrected.

Nothing is ever 100% from anyone / anything, there are always options, other ways of doing things / getting info you need to succeed at whatever.

Why, humans. We are al fallible, and will make mistakes / bad discussions / forget to do X or Y.