One Array and Concat in LoopBack

Hi all ^^,

I would like to do a script to automatically configure a Cluster Hyper-V / CVS and other operations.
To do that i have the list of the server in a file ListSrv.txt.
So i create an array to put all the server in.
After i would like to do the Test of validity beforecreating the ckuster with the command Test-Cluster -Node…,
I need ton concat the $TabSrv[0] “Add a “,”” with $TabSrv[1]“Add a “,”” if there is another server etc…
To do automatically this commande like that :

Test-Cluster -Node $TabSrv[0],$TabSrv[1] -Include Hyper-V,Stockage 

But i’ve no idea to do that.

$FileSrv = "C:\Users\admin\Documents\ListSrv.txt"
$ListSrv = (Get-Content "C:\Users\admin\Documents\ListSrv.txt")
$TabSrv = @()
[Int]$i = 0
$x = Get-Content $FileSrv | measure-object -line
$nbl = $x.Lines                

 forEach($srv in $ListSrv) {
   $TabSrv += $srv
   $i = $i+1

#Test Cluster Hyper-v et Stockage
Test-Cluster -Node $TabSrv[0],$TabSrv[1] -Include Hyper-V,Stockage 

Thx all for replay ^^

May I recommend to change from plain text file as your source to a csv file. It’s easier to store structured data and it’s even easier to access these structured data in Powershell. This csv file could look like this:

Then you simply do something like this:
$ClusterList = Import-Csv -Path …\ClusterNodeList.csv -Delimiter ‘,’
Foreach($Cluster in $ClusterList){
Test-Cluster -Node $Cluster.Node1,$Cluster.Node2 -Include Hyper-V,Stockage

Yes good idea :wink:

But if there is 50 servers how do you do with the command ?

Test-Cluster -Node $Cluster.Node1,$Cluster.Node2…,$Cluster.Node50

How could we generate this command without do it manually ?

after try you’r solution, it’s the same think like me .
More complicate i think.
Perhaps my explication wasnt good :wink:

For exemple, we have 5 servers, we could have 100 servers etc…
The need is to have this line with all the servers in the csv :

The csv is like this :


at least i need to have this line :

 Test-Cluster -Node $Cluster.Node1,$Cluster.Node2,$Cluster.Node3,$Cluster.Node4,$Cluster.Node5 -Include Hyper-V,Stockage

OK, I think I misunderstood you. It’s not about several clusters it’s just about one cluster with several nodes, right? Nothing easier than that (almost) :wink:
If you have an array of elements (strings) you can join them with the -join statement. Assumed you use your listserv.txt file you could do something like this:

$NodeList = ( Get-Content -Path ‘C:\Users\admin\Documents\ListSrv.txt’ ) -join ‘,’
Test-Cluster -Node $NodeList -Include Hyper-V,Stockage

Amazing !!! its’ work !

You’re awsome, thx a lot Olaf ^^

$FileSrv = "C:\Users\admin\Documents\ListSrv.csv"
$ListSrv = (Get-Content "C:\Users\admin\Documents\ListSrv.txt") -Join ','

Write-Host "List Srv : $ListSrv"

List Srv : HyperV1,HyperV2

Thx again !

:// , no it’s not working.
The Write-Host write just one Word who is “HyperV1,HyperV2”.
So when i do the cmdlet Test-Cluster, he doesn’t understand.

Yes found it !

$ListSrv = (Get-Content "C:\Users\admin\Documents\ListSrv.txt") 
$CHyp = "Hyper-V"
$CStorage = "Stockage"
#$ListNetwork = "C:\Users\admin\Documents\ListNetwork.txt"
#$x = Get-Content $FileSrv | measure-object -line
#$nbl = $x.Lines                
#$ClusterList = Import-Csv -Path $FileSrv -Delimiter ','

Test-Cluster -Node $ListSrv -Include $CHyp,$CStorage

Just with the like that it’s works, i was very surprise it’ works.

Thx to help me , i have learn a lot of things with you :wink: