Offline Module/Help Installation

I have a group of servers running WS2012R2 in a closed, offline environment, i.e. not connected to the internet, that I have to bring up and apply a domain configuration for. I have two external servers running WS2012R2 and WS2016, can I somehow export installed modules and help files from my external servers and install them on my servers that can’t yet be connected to the internet? Do I use my configuration terminal as a PSRepository? Essentially, I have to transfer anything not already available to me via portable storage into the environment. I have liberty to make what I need except putting the domain online.


WS2012 -2016, the cmdlets are already on them. there is nothing to export / import unless you are using modules that are not part of the OS.

Now, the help files. You can download the help files to a central server and install / update form there.

What I personally like to do with keeping a fresh set of help files in a directory that I can just easily copy to a flash drive or FTP them over a secure VPN connection. I accomplished this with a simple scheduled task and a one-liner:

Save-Help -DestinationPath 'C:\PSHelp' -Force
and Bob's your uncle. My scheduled task runs once a week and with the '-Force' parameter set, the old help get's overwritten each time so I know the help is always fresh. You can do this with Modules too.

More info:

Get-Help Save-Help -Full