Office 365 Mailbox Backup

Hello Everyone.
I’m an IT student in his practical semester. I just discovered Powershell and I think this is a great tool.

The company I work for decided, that they want to backup emails from users (local on users pc, or on the company’s server) in case something happens.
We use the Office 365 Business Premium from Microsoft (so I think that outlook 365 uses Exchange online).

I just started learning Powershell, and I will get help, or directions on what to do in the next few days.

But just in case, I want to ask, how should I do it?

Could I write a script to export a .PST file locally each time the users shuts down the computer, and another script to send the file once a week to the company’s server.
But this is just me, thinking what could be possible. Does anyone have other ideas? (Some users use Outlook 365 in browser, but most of them uses Outlook 2016 on their pc)

Easier said, if I would like to export my emails to a local file, would a Powershell script be possible? Do I need any Add-ons? Any tutorials recomendations? No need to rush, im here to learn :slight_smile: .

I stumbled on this post:

Looks nice, I would only change the date and location of the file.

You can use a third party Office 365 backup software.