object properties

Hi wrote a very rudimentary script to check if a service is started and if not to start it. The start of the script imports a CSV file with server names in this format


in my script, I have a foreach loop and when I call the variable I can specify $server.servername because the csv has a column for servername (Guessing here)

$servers = import-csv c:\folder\servers.csv

Foreach ($server in $servers)


$service = invoke-command -ComputerName $server.servername {Get-Service -Name 'PCNSSVC'}

Now I’m trying to automate the script even further by not specifying the csv but getting the information I want from more commands and building another server list. however, this server list does not have a property “servername” or any identifiable property. it looks like it is just a string of names and I cannot just append the previous script (that looks at the csv) to this script

#Firstly import the Active Directory Module, to gather a list of all the domain controllers


Import-Module ActiveDirectory


#Set the variables to gather the information


$ADForest = Get-ADForest

$ADForestDomainNamingMaster = $ADForest.DomainNamingMaster

$ADForestDomains = $ADForest.Domains

$ADForestSchemaMaster = $ADForest.SchemaMaster

$ADInfo = Get-ADDomain

$ADDomainDNSRoot = $ADInfo.DNSRoot

$ADDomainInfrastructureMaster = $ADInfo.InfrastructureMaster

$ADDomainPDCEmulator = $ADInfo.PDCEmulator

$ADDomainReadOnlyReplicaDirectoryServers = $ADInfo.ReadOnlyReplicaDirectoryServers

$ADDomainReplicaDirectoryServers = $ADInfo.ReplicaDirectoryServers

$ADDomainRIDMaster = $ADInfo.RIDMaster


Write-Verbose “Discovering Domain Controllers in the AD Forest $ADForestName `r “

ForEach ($Domain in $ADForestDomains)

{ ## OPEN ForEach Domain in ADForestDomains

$DomainDCs = Get-ADDomainController -filter * -server $Domain

ForEach ($DC in $DomainDCs)

{ ## OPEN ForEach DC in DomainDCs

$DCName = $DC.HostName

Write-Verbose “Adding $DCName to ForestDC list `r “

[array] $ForestDCs += $DC.HostName

} ## CLOSE ForEach DC in DomainDCs

} ## CLOSE ForEach Domain in ADForestDomains


$ForestDCsCount = $ForestDCs.count

Write-Verbose “Initial discovery found $ForestDCsCount DCs `r “


# Add all DC lists into $DomainControllers

$DomainControllers = $ForestDCs + $ADDomainReadOnlyReplicaDirectoryServers + $ADDomainReplicaDirectoryServers + $ADForestGlobalCatalogs


# Remove duplicate DCs from $DomainControllers

$DomainControllers = $DomainControllers | Select-Object -Unique


Foreach ($server in $DomainControllers)

I get an error that it cannot find the service on the server, but it doesn’t look at every server in the “string”

Is there a way to assign a property value to each of the servers so I can call it using $server.servername.

are all the servers individual objects, or is the variable one long string?

Sorry if I’m vague here, still learning

I suspect you are overcomplicating things a little bit. If you like to check a particular service on all of your domain controllers you could simply do something like this:

Get-ADDomainController -Filter * |
ForEach-Object {
Get-Service -Name ‘PCNSSVC’ -ComputerName $_.HostName -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue |
Select-Object -Property MachineName,Status,Name,DisplayName

As a note, if a CSV file lacks headers, you can apply headers using -Headers on Import-Csv.