No results for get-ADGroup in nested forEach-Loops

Good Day fellas,

today i got a maybe simple problem. I want to use a get-ADGroup command in nested forEach-Loops. But somehow the command results nothing back. The command and Filters are corect, as you can see it at the very bottom after the Loops, the same instruction works there perfectly, for whatever reason.

$file = “\Path”
$data = import-csv $file -delimiter “;” -encoding UTF7 | select -First 5

Measure-Command {ForEach($item in $data )
$tiefe = $($item.‘Tiefe’)
$pfad = $($item.‘Pfad’)
$recht = $($item.‘Recht’)
$trustee = $($item.‘trustee’)
Write-Host “zur Kontrolle: $trustee” -ForegroundColor Green

$LDAPDirectoryService = ‘XX_Ip-Adress_XX’
$DomainDN = ‘o=Enterprise’

$LDAPFilter = “cn=$trustee”

$null = [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(‘System.DirectoryServices.Protocols’)
$null = [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(‘System.Net’)

$LDAPServer = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.LdapConnection $LDAPDirectoryService
$LDAPServer.AuthType = [System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.AuthType]::Anonymous
$LDAPServer.SessionOptions.ProtocolVersion = 3
$LDAPServer.SessionOptions.SecureSocketLayer = $false

$Scope = [System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.SearchScope]::Subtree
$AttributeList = @(‘*’)

$SearchRequest = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.SearchRequest -ArgumentList $DomainDN,$LDAPFilter,$Scope,$AttributeList

$groups = $LDAPServer.SendRequest($SearchRequest)

#Prüft ob Gruppe existiert
if($groups.Entries.Count -eq 0)
Write-Host " Group not found!" `n -Foregroundcolor Red $LDAPFilter
#Speichert alle nicht gefundenen Gruppen zur manuellen Nachbearbeitung
Add-Content -Path \PATH -Value “$LDAPFilter”

foreach ($group in $groups.Entries)
#Listet alle Member der oben übergebenen Gruppe auf

$AD_Group = get-ADGroup -Properties Name, Description -Filter 'Name -like “F-KT-"’ | where {$_.Description -like "$pfad” -and $_.Name.endswith($recht) }

foreach ($user in $users)

Write-Host $user
#Hier den User zur AD Gruppe hinzufügen
Write-Host “user zur Gruppe hinzufügen $pfad-$recht” -ForegroundColor Red

#Get-ADGroup -Properties Name, Description -Filter ‘Name -like “F-KT-"’ #| where {$.Description -eq “I:\DATA-DE\KT$pfad” -and $.Name.endswith($recht) }
Get-ADGroup -Properties Name, Description -Filter 'Name -like "F-KT-
”’ | where {$.Description -like “*$pfad” -and $.Name.endswith($recht) }
#Add-ADGroupMember -Identity S-1-5-21-219376080-2991882224-574971396-34759 -Members $user -Whatif



Get-ADGroup -Properties Name, Description -Filter 'Name -like “F-KT-"’ | where {$_.Description -like "$pfad” -and $_.Name.endswith($recht) }


Here, the command works perfectly fine, for whatever reason


welcome to There is a curly brace missing in your code - probably for the Measure-Command. Is there a special reason why you’re using the builtin cmdlets like Get-ADGroup AND some newly created objects using .net code to access the AD?

What is it what you’re actually trying to do with this code?

BTW: Sometimes it’s easier to ask a question in your native language. If you like - there is a German Powershell Forum at Microsoft.

Measure brace closing }

Unless it’s a learning exercise.
Don’t reinvent the wheel. This use case is common and there are many resources to leverage as is or tweak as needed.

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