No Modules visible in ISE/Command-pane

I have Powershell on 200+ computers, but on one of them (Mine!) I can not see any Modules in the ISE-CommandPane. Just tried to install ver 5.1, but the problem is still there. Apparently I can use all modules that exist in the standard Module-paths, but why are they not visible in ISE??

If you’ve verified that PSModulePath is correct, then it could be the number of modules available is taking more time to enumerate. Especially if any are from a UNC path.

Thank you for trying to help me out! I cant see anything wrong with the PSModulePath - it point to the regular “Program Files” and “Windows\System32” areas on the local computer, and I can navigate to the folders and find all the module-folders all right. And I can use the modules in my script! Very strange! Do you know if there are any settings local to the ISE telling it where to look for modules other than using the environment variable? I am wondering if ISE is looking for them somewhere else?