No Datum store found for DSC Resource error?

I watched Gael Colas’ presentations which can be found on Youtube,
and I am very convinced that it is a very usefull module when working with DSC.
However, I am not able to use Datum correctly.

I’ve created a little structure with 2 nodes and 2 roles just to play arround and be able to manage the basics.

Best is to look at the DSC Workshop project here:

See how the pipeline works and let you play with it. And come ask question on slack, DSC channel, or GitHub repo if something doesn’t work. :wink:

oh, and I forgot to link the workshop video that Raimund & Jan (PFEs in Germany), did at PSConfAsia 19.

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When authoring and compiling Configurations, your resources can be stored in any directory specified by your PSModulePath. In PowerShell 4.0, the LCM requires all DSC resource modules to be stored under “Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules” or $pshome\Modules. Beginning in Power Shell 5.0, this requirement was removed, and resource modules can be custom essay stored in any directory specified by PSModulePath.

HD Filme