NIC Teaming & Switch Team


I need to clarify difference between following two cmdlets difference between switch teaming and NIC teaming & scenarios we can use this



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Get-Help or TechNet would be a good place to start. It’ll give you a synopsis of what the cmdlet does, and even some examples in which you would use the cmdlet.



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Kasun, can you tell us what are you trying to do? or is this just academic interest?

New-NetLbfoTeam creates a NIC team. This is something you can do separate and apart from the Hyper-V role. So, a physical or virtual computer can have a NIC team (or more) that provide features like bandwidth aggregation, network load balancing, and network fault tolerance. This is much more commonly used than New-NetSwitchTeam

New-NetSwitchTeam creates a switch team. This is something you can create on a physical computer (only) that has the Hyper-V role installed. It is controlled by a Hyper-V extensible switch forwarding extension. This is rarely used.

So, if you’re trying to do NIC teaming you should use New-NetLbfoTeam

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@sam Its for academic interest i saw this two cmdlets in reference book so curious to know what it do thanks for the explanation (Y)

@will Sure i will refer them thanks :slight_smile: