Force MAC address of a Nic Teaming under Windows Server 2016


I’m trying to set a static mac address for a network adapter created as Team under Windows Server 2016.

If I use the command [pre]Set-NetAdapter -Name “Private Team” -MacAddress “XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX” -Confirm:$false[/pre] I have no problem, but if I want to use one of the mac address of the nics that are “under” the Team, I obtain the error that the mac is already in use.

I’ve seen, however, that if I change the mac address and set it static via UI (select the nic->Properties->Configure->Advanced->MAC Address), and set it like that of the nic that compose the Team, I receive no error.

Any suggestion?


When you are attempting to use one of the MAC Addresses under the Team Nic, is this a MAC Address you assigned or assigned by the system/hardware?


yes, the MAC is one of the 2 nics; however, while I obtain an error when I run the command (and is an error that I understand), if I set the mac in static mode via the UI (and the MAC is one the 2 nics again) I have no error.

I need this because we have a software that register the MAC of the 2 nics for the license.

Hey Marco,

Okay, so after doing some further investigation this is what I have found.

When you do this in the UI, you are actually modifying an advance property, not the actual MAC Address. Based on this finding doing a quick Get-Command, I was able to identify Get-NetAdapterAdvanceProperty. Doing some testing I found this where the value is being held. The command you will want to be using is below. I hope this helps you out and good luck!

Set-NetAdapterAdvancedProperty -Name 'Private Team' -DisplayName 'MAC Address' -DisplayValue 'A3-22-33-B4-94-2Z'

Hello Jason,

great, you resolved my problem; the only thing that I changed is the value of the MAC Address: it seems that on my side, if I insert the value with the dashes, I obtain an error; without dashes all is ok.


Many thanks.