Network Adapter settings with WMI, DNS Suffix

I have a list of servers 2003 through 2012 r2 that I need to change from having a DNS suffixes order to Append primary and connection specific DNS Suffixes and check the box Append parent Suffixes of the primary DNS Suffix.

What I would really like is to have a way to discover the answers better on my own.

Here is me looking around:

$nics = [wmiclass]'win32_Networkadapterconfiguration'
$nics | select -ExpandProperty Properties

$cimClass = Get-CimClass win32_Networkadapterconfiguration

Get-WmiObject -Class win32_Networkadapterconfiguration

Get-CimClass is definitely the way to go, at least one machines with PowerShell v3 or better. But, a Google for the class name will also turn up the doc page for that class, which can be just as helpful. But otherwise, what you’re doing is about what I’d do.

Not having much luck finding the specific settings, going to try checking and unchecking the boxes and see if I can see the differences in the settings.

Very Nice! Thanks Elisabeth.