Need to retreive VMHost Datastore value within script loop...

Hi all,

I have a powershell script which works perfectly to retrieve all VMWare host disk values which I require specifically for the setting of their Perennial values

I now have been asked to add the datastore which the disk resides in which I thought would be an easy task however it is not listed in any of the current disk context I am using

I could use the get-datastore cmdlet earlier on in the script however I cannot see anything which ties the datastore to the disk?

Anyone know of how I might be able to do this

$Cred = get-credential -UserName Username -Message 'Enter Password for vCenter Servers'
$VCs = get-content .\VCenterServers.txt
foreach ($VC in $VCs) {
    write-host 'Connecting to vCenter Server'$VC -ForegroundColor Green
    Connect-VIServer -server $VC -Credential $Cred
    $Clusters = Get-Cluster
    foreach ($Cluster in $Clusters) {
        $Clushosts = $Cluster | get-vmhost
        foreach ($Clushost in $Clushosts) {
            write-host 'Getting disk information from ESXi Host' $Clushost
            $myesxcli = get-esxcli -VMHost $Clushost
            $HostDisks = $
            $HostLun = $
            foreach ($hostDisk in $HostDisks) {
                foreach ($Disk in $HostDisk) {
                    $LunRaw = $hostlun | Where-Object { $_.device -eq $Disk.Device } | select -first 1
                    $Lun = $LunRaw | select -ExpandProperty lun
                    $Results = [PScustomObject] @{
                        "vCenter Server"        = $VC
                        "Cluster"               = $Cluster
                        "ESXi Host"             = $Clushost
                        "Device"                = $Disk.Device
                        "Device Type"           = $Disk.DeviceType
                        "IsPerenniallyReserved" = $Disk.IsPerenniallyReserved
                        "Is RDM Capable"        = $Disk.IsRDMCapable
                        "Vendor"                = $Disk.Vendor
                        "LUN"                   = $Lun
                $Results | export-csv LatestPerrenialReservations2.csv -NoTypeInformation -Append
    write-host 'Disconnecting from'$VC -ForegroundColor White
    Disconnect-VIServer -Server $VC -Confirm:$False

Many thanks in advance!