Need to retreive LUN as well as RDM info per vcenter...

Hi all,

I know this is old hat stuff as I saw an earlier blog which revolved around what I am trying to achieve here

So, I am trying to retrieve all RDM perennially reserved values per host per vcenter server

I think I have managed to make the script work in regards to it pulling the RawPhysical and RawVirtual disktype per vm and grab the unique values of these and then export these values to a .csv file

I have been asked however if I can also retrieve the LUN of each RDM, I have looked into how to get the LUN value however cannot see how I can place that within my current script

$Results = @()
$VCenters = get-content VCenterServers.txt
$Cred = get-credential -UserName -Message 'Enter Password for vCenter Servers'
foreach ($VC in $VCenters){
Write-Host 'Connecting to Vcenter Server '$VC -ForegroundColor Green
Connect-VIServer -server $VC -Credential $Cred
$dCenter = Get-Datacenter
$Clusters = Get-Cluster
foreach ($Cluster in $Clusters){
$clusterInfo = Get-Datacenter -Name $dCenter | get-cluster $cluster
$vmHosts = $clusterInfo | get-vmhost | select -ExpandProperty Name
$RDMNAAs = $clusterInfo | Get-VM | Get-HardDisk -DiskType "RawPhysical","RawVirtual" | Select -ExpandProperty ScsiCanonicalName -Unique
foreach ($vmhost in $vmHosts) {
$myesxcli = Get-EsxCli -VMHost $vmhost
foreach ($naa in $RDMNAAs) {
$diskinfo = $"$naa") | Select -ExpandProperty IsPerenniallyReserved
$vmhost + " " + $naa + " " + "IsPerenniallyReserved= " + $diskinfo
$RDMInfo = $vmhost + " " + $naa + " " + "IsPerenniallyReserved= " + $diskinfo
if($diskinfo -eq "false")
write-host "Configuring Perennial Reservation for LUN $naa......."
$diskinfo = $"$naa") | Select -ExpandProperty IsPerenniallyReserved
$vmhost + " " + $naa + " " + "IsPerenniallyReserved= " + $diskinfo
$Results1 = [pscustomObject] @{
                "vCenterServer" = $VC
                "Cluster" = $Cluster
                "VMHost"  = $vmHost
                "DiskInfo" = $RDMInfo}
$Results += $Results1
write-host "----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"
write-host 'Disconnecting from vCenter Server '$VC -ForegroundColor Cyan
Disconnect-VIServer $VC -confirm:$false
$Results | export-csv perrennialResults.csv -NoTypeInformation

basically as well as the raw naa ref ID I also would like the LUNid decimal value stored in vcenter

I think the command to do this is something along the lines below,

get-scsilun -vmhost *.vmhost -canonicalname *.hddisplayname



This I borrowed from a previous article:

Many thanks in advance!

What does this line do ?