Need help with Powershell unzip using SYSTEM account from task scheduler

I run multiple powershell scripts from task scheduler using the SYSTEM account. This is the only script that does not work. This script needs a Windows user account defined in task scheduler to run. Is there a way to get this script to work using the SYSTEM account? If not, is there another way to unzip files using powershell that does not have this requirement? Below is the code:

function Expand-ZIPFile
param($file, $destination)
$shell = new-object -com shell.application
$zip = $shell.NameSpace($file)
foreach($item in $zip.items())
“$($item.path) extracted”

$hc_zip = $args[0]

$hc_dest = $args[1]

if (Test-Path $hc_zip){Expand-ZIPFile –File “$hc_zip” –Destination "$hc_dest”}
else{Write-Output “Zip file does not exist…”}

Have you tried using the NETWORK SERVICE?