Need help to Export a Module (NETTCPIP)

Hi Guys,
I am a noob and need some help in exporting a Module from one system to another.
I have NETTCPIP module on my system but do not have it in my company system however I can use Pendrive to copy paste data.Is there a way to export this module?

That’s unlikely to work. The module has dependencies on the OS version.

What Don said. If it were going to work on your OS and PowerShell version, it would already be there. (It’s a built-in module.)

@Don jones @Dave Wyatt:Thank You for the quick response. not sure why it isn’t there.I am unable to use get-netipaddress .I am Studying Powershell with “Powershell In a month of lunches”.
Is it possible that system Admin would have disabled this? I am using Powershell 4.0 and with Administrator privileges.

Those modules were added in Windows 8 / Server 2012. If you’re trying to do this on Windows 7, it won’t work even with PowerShell v4 installed. (This is because Windows 8 and later added some new WMI namespaces / classes, and the NetTCPIP module is just a wrapper around some of these WMI objects.)

Ah haa…Now i get it…Thank you @Dave Wyatt