Need help thinking through searching an object

I’m writing a script to automate the validation of Active Directory accounts with an HR spreadsheet of current employees.

Active Directory accounts have an employee number in the EmployeeID field.
I can create a typical object of employees.

$Users = Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties employeeid | Where-Object EmployeeID -ne $null | Where-Object Enabled -eq "True" | Select-Object EmployeeID,SamAccountName,Givenname,Surname | Sort-Object surname,givenname

I can run this through a loop (ForEach ($User in $Users)).

$User.EmployeeID accurately returns the employee number (e.g. 0054321).

I can create an object from the HR spreadsheet that contains all the employees.

$CurrentEmployees = Import-Excel -Path "C:\path\file.xlsx"


$CurrentEmployees = Import-Csv -Path "C:\path\file.xlsx"

Employee Number is the column that I want to check against.

My question is, what do I run in my ForEach to check if a value in $User.EmployeeID is found (or more importantly, not found) in $CurrentEmployees (in the Employee Number column).

I would then export two different reports (found, not found).

Thanks in advance for your consideration.