Move-Item is not working for existing folders and files

My code snippet is below. I am trying to have items move into folders that already exist. The folders might actually have the files in them too. I want the code to move the file in to the folder and I want it to overwrite the existing file regardless, no matter what.


#If a date folder with the date of this item is already created, it is moved there
If(test-path “\\CDC\archive$datefolder”)
Add-content -Path $logpath -value “Date file already created. Moving item to date file in archive on old server.”
$archive = “\\CDC\archive$datefolder”
Move-Item $item $archive -Force

#If the date folder with the date of this item is not already created, the folder is created and then the item is moved to that location.
Add-content -Path $logpath -value “Date file not already created. Creating date file in archive on old server.”
New-Item -ItemType directory -Path “\\CDC\archive$datefolder”
$archive = “\\CDC\archive” + $datefolder
Add-content -Path $logpath -value “Now moving itme to date folder just created.”
move-item $item $archive -Force


without knowing the format of the $datefolder I have to guess a bit. Is it possible you have brackets or other special characters so you need to call out -litteralpath instead of the default -path? At face value the syntax looks correct.

Also, use angle brackets around PRE, not square brackets, to format code. See the syntax in the three bullets above the reply textbox.

In your script $archive contains only a string. It doesn’t represent an array of files. Try instead…

$archive = Get-ChildItem "\\\CDC\archive\$datefolder" -Recurse

Edit: Never mind what I wrote, just re-read your post you’re moving the whole folder. Carry on.