Hi I was wondering what tools you guys use to edit your .MOF files? I want a program that will understand the syntax of the file.

Honestly I try to never edit them directly :).

Anyone else have any input here? Are there Visual Studio plugins for these? Is it all just PowerShell syntax?

I think the whole concept is that .MOF files are actually not PowerShell syntax, which is one of the reasons we can use .MOF files (and by extension, DSC) to configure operating systems other than Windows. We simply happen to use PowerShell to generate the .MOF files themselves when we use DSC, and the files themselves are a separate, neutral format altogether (Managed Object Format).

I’m not familiar with any IDEs that specifically can be used to edit MOF files, but the good news is that pretty much ANY text editor can be used to modify these files- but if you are looking for syntax highlighting, or autocomplete like we have in ISE, I’m not sure if anything is available.