Modula validation error on 2008 R2 server

EventType    : OPERATIONAL
TimeCreated  : 10/30/2014 2:19:08 PM
Message      : The content validation for module StackExchangeResources completed with status code 6.
ComputerName : rangeline3
JobID        : 18e4b059-2a3f-4177-8c8b-1b13465c6640
SequenceID   : 1
Event        : System.Diagnostics.Eventing.Reader.EventLogRecord

I had this on 2012 R2 due to a missing hotfix. Now i’m trying to push a config on 2008 and amd getting the same error. Am I missing a per-requisite?

Make sure your ExecutionPolicy is allowing scripts to run. I ran into that same error on an AWS instance earlier this week, and that was the cause.

That was it. Thank you Dave.