mkdir: A positional parameter cannot be found that accepts argument 'docs'.

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See attachment for details.
Instructions on how to proceed from here? I am pretty much only a beginner at this and I’m instructed in one of my courses to do mkdir bin -Name tests docs.

It would be highly appreciated if I were to be given step by step instructions on how to correct this and allow for me to continue what is necessary according to the course. This is all a little enigmatic for me. This is powershell in Windows 8 and basically the overall goal is:

I use a directory named projects to store all the various things I’m working on. Inside that directory I have my skeleton directory that I put the basis of my projects into. The directory NAME will be renamed to whatever you are calling your project’s main module when you use the skeleton.

mkdir is a command used to create a directory, not renaming it.

mkdir bin -Name Tests

This will create a folder named Tests in the path “bin”

I would recommed Naming all parameters you use, it makes the code easier to read and understand, like this:

mkdir -Path .\bin -Name Tests